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Booking a serviced apartment at The Wavecrest Hotel will save you a considerable amount of money when staying in The Gambia, particularly if there are two or more occupiers. Serviced apartments are charged per apartment not per person.By having your own apartment you have greater flexibility.

The Wavecrest luxury serviced apartments can be used as a place to work, a place to entertain friends and colleagues or simply a place to go at the end of a busy day at the office

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Q. How far in advance can I book a serviced apartment?

A. For stays of less than 4 weeks many serviced apartment buildings will not confirm bookings more than 2-3 weeks before arrival. We will confirm if and when a secured booking can be made.

Q. Must I arrive and leave on a particular day?

A. No all serviced apartments are available, subject to availability, and allow flexible arrival and departure dates of your choice.

Q. Are there cancellation charges?

A. In the event that you need to cancel your serviced apartment a charge may be levied, please check the Terms & Conditions of your serviced apartment provider at the time of booking.

Q. What if I’m unhappy with my serviced apartment?

A. We do everything possible to ensure the serviced apartment we book is the best one for you. Make sure you give us as much detailed information about your exact requirements before booking.

If you arrive and the serviced apartment is not as it was represented contact us and we will look into your complaint.

Please remember that we cannot do anything if we are not aware there is a problem.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

A. When booking a serviced apartment you will be provided with details of the deposit required, this can be up to the equivalent to one months rent.

This deposit is held against unpaid bills, damages and dilapidations.

Q. Can I extend my serviced apartment booking?

A. Yes, it is often possible to extend your stay subject to availability, please contact us as soon as you know of the period you would like to extend for.

Q. How do I make a reservation? How is payment made?

A. Once you have submitted your serviced apartment choices and we have confirmed availability we will provide you with the serviced apartment booking form and terms and conditions. If these are satisfactory and you would like the apartment to be booked will need the booking form to completed in full and returned to us along with credit card details in order to secure the property on your behalf.

Q. Do serviced apartments have minimum stays?

A. You can stay at the Wavecrest luxury boutique apartments for one night, one week or one month. The choice is yours.

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